Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Dinner at Lei Garden

Daddy gave a sumptuous dinner treat at Lei Garden Orchard Shopping Centre. As usual, Mama's out with her camera!! Camera's battery was flat before further pictures could be taken. Mama, remember to check and charge batteries the next time, ok?

Me, smiling happily in Gong gong's arms. A good boy thruout the evening's dinner. Cheers, Ayden! You sure look sooooo cute wearing the hat, ha?

That's my handsome daddy with his toothy grin

Cleverest Burlington Kor kor, Mama, Tiara and Tua Ee - all with pretty smiles . Cutie Tiara in pink hat.

2 GrandMas with 2 babies and a big boy.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

My new swing

Ayden is spoon fed with abt 3 small spoonfuls of Nestle rice cereal before drinking 150 ml of milk. He's able to swallow bit by bit and luvs the taste of the rice cereal.

Mama luvs taking pictures of me, rewarding her with beautiful smiles! Taken after morning bath and am so fresh and clean.
Wait, ha.

Ready, steady, smile
How's my smile, Mama?

Now, it's laughter, haha!
Funny expressionsWhy frown?

Taking a noon nap!
Oh oh, toes exposed, sock missing. Sweet dreams, darling.

After my nap before heading back to Kg Java at abt 8.45 pm, Mama improvised a swing from the 'sarong'. So innovative, hor?
Wow!! Luv to be swung to and fro, so exhilirating!!!

What's up? Mama

Friday, 25 April 2008

New musical toy from Mama

Plonk, Home alas!!
Mama, Thank you for this new musical toy. Ugh!, looks intimidating with so many digits........

Mm, which button to press?
Caught you! That's not yummy, yummy, ya?

Monday, 21 April 2008

Smiley Faces

Photos from Mummy.
Good morning, Daddy and Mummy, so happy to see both of you in the morning

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Home over the weekend; drinking milk

Ya, that's the way to hold me. See, I'm sitting on the dining table. Hehehe!!
Mama, hold on tightly, ha!!! I'm still unable to sit on my own.

Ee poh Annie feeding me, soo... hungry
Satisfying and relax look cos 3/4 full

Surprise look?
Your's so cute and adorable, darling!
Aiyah, still not ready, yet?
Mama, I've yet to smile!

Picture of the horse that mama always points to me, also the pig which is above it

Hey! Ayden, look over here!

Ya, Ayden, that's a good boy! Me with Gong gong, mama & Ee poh Annie

Gong gong, you sure look handsome with this natural smile, leh!!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Home over the weekend

Oh O! Reached home but Gong gong and mama are not in. Must have gone out for dinner, I think. Yup! guess it right. Not only dinner but shopping also for my things. They bought me a pretty blue pillow cos mine is way too small already, a bib as I'm drooling and a yellow soother.
Thank you gong gong and mama, I LUV you both!!!!

Relaxing on grandparents' bed
Mama's always busy taking photo shots of me, so must give great smiles.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Paternal Grandparents' Visit

Gong gong and mama visited me today and I skillfully showed them my turning skills. It took me only seconds to turn effortlessly. Real smart of me, Daddy is away in India and mummy has to attend class, will show them when they are back.

At last, I'm able to lie on my belly like Tiara and enjoy turning my head to the left and right seeing the people around me. But still unable to shift my hands., not strong enough, lah!
Tiara is able to move backwards and also to lift herself very high. Never mind,will be able to, soon.

Gong gong exercising his vocals but I'm looking at mama, no time to listen!

Introducing Mummy's elder sister 'Tua Ee' who's Tiara's mummy.

So comfortable on the bumper seat, ha?

Look, I'm holding my milk bottle, so amazing!!!!

Always give great smiles after my feed by mama, cos stomache full!

Cleverest Burlington Kor Kor playing his toys. Wish to be sitting there like him!