Monday, 31 March 2008

Ayden with "Ee Poh" Annie and in new briefs

Mama bought me 3 new briefs in 3 different colours - blue, white & yellow from the shop near the wet market. She said it costs only a dollar for the v-shape and $1.50 for the longer yellow one. So cheapo, leh!
I think, I look good in them, leh!!!

That's my grandma's 2nd elder sisiter 'Ee Poh" Annie. She really adores & luvs carrying me.

Friday, 28 March 2008

With Chek chek Dale, 3rd month going to 4

So happy hugging the bolster, what a sweet smile!

Sure look muscular, ha?
Wow, look at my big eyes. I'm cute, right?

That's my Dale "chek, chek", my dad's younger brother. He luvs me alot, you know? I do look so surprised with my big round eyes without any smiles.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Ayden's Full Month on 5 Jan 2008

Hi, I'm one-monthold today . Mummy and daddy celebrated the day by distributing cakes and a family dinner at Beng Hiang Restaurant. Too bad, everyone was busy and no photos were taken there.

Snoozing away......

Beautiful cakes distributed to relatives and friends to celebrate Ayden's one-month.

Cup cakes are sooo... beautifully decorated.

Ayden's sucking his fingers

Ayden's very aware of people around him with eyes darting towards the one calling him. Also, coos and laughs alot. Drinks abt 140 ml of milk/brown ricw with 4 hourly feeds. Cries less now.
Luvs sucking fingers, yummy, yummy!!!
Aiyoh, stomach exposed!!!
Luvs showing finger no 1, sooo cute!

Ayden's cousins, Tiara Lam , born on 17 Oct 2007 and Burlington, 5 years old. Aren't they cute, also?