Sunday, 26 October 2008

Adorable Ayden

Darling Ayden's beginning to react to repetitive words thru actions taught to him. Luvs eating bread & bananas. Crawls really fast on the ABC floor mat.

Zzzzzz, sweet dreams darling - afternoon nap

25 Oct 2008

Mama & Ee Poh brot me to IMM Kid's Mall
Thank U Mama for the ABC floor mat, ha!!!!

Mmm, biscuit is yummy!

Resting, lah!
For a while only, ok?

Oops Charlie Brown!!! Why're you sitting on my chair, ha????

That's me

Ayden's crawling on his fours!!!

24 Oct 2008

Mama, study again!!
This one??

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Grandma's Birthday Dinner at Tanglin Mall

Happy Birthday Mama!!! Luv U Always!!

Gong gong treated us to dinner at Tambuah Mas, Tangling Shopping Centre (Mama's favourite Indonesian food).

Mama brought this rusk for me

Dearest Mama and me.
Mama loves me dearly

Daddy and me!!!

Gong gong, Dale Chek, chek, me, Mama & Burlington Kor kor
Darling boy, look at the camera. leh!!!

Kg Java Mama's very busy, hor???

Gong gong, why u staring? Luv u, also

Mama luvs Cousin Burlington Kor Kor

Wow, so much of food, ya?

Mama, Mummy, Daddy & Dale Chek Chek

Darling Ayden's very responsive. When Gong gong waves to him, he returns the wave, smart boy. He seeks attention when left alone and also oggles at food. Luvs eating.

Aiyah, Mama, you forgot to keep the cream, ha?

Lovely Mummy, daddy and me are already to attend a friend's year-old party

Pretty smiles!!!

Cutie pie!!!

Hehehe, look at my 2 big teeth!!!

18 Oct 2008 (Sat)
Mama's terrible, u know? She made me took 3 naps in between my feeds, no choice but to obey. Mama cooked sweet potato/carrot/fish congee for my lunch and dinner. She then took me to Kor Poh's home later in the evening. Mama forgot to bring her camera for snap shots.

Of course!!

Mama's little darling prince!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ayden claps and waves 'bye bye'

No blogs done for the past 2 weeks as Mama was away on holiday to Shanghai and W America from 29 Sep to 12 Oct.

Wow, cutie and adorable Ayden's 2 teeth are bigger, claps with both hands and waves 'bye bye'. Makes lots of sounds and wriggles even more.

16 Oct 2008

Burlington Kor Kor, I don't need horns, ok???

13 Oct 2008

Darling Ayden do need a haircut, ya???


Tiara, so funny, is it?

12 Oct 2008

Hi darling, u've grown bigger and cleverer,!!!!

Hi Mama, u're back today? Enjoyed ur holiday?
Back to photo shoot again??? Yippeee!!!!!

Wow, u sure look man, ha?

Wow, Tiara's able to walk a few steps on her own, will be my turn soon!!!!!

Ayden at 10 month-old