Sunday, 23 November 2008

New haircut!

Darling Ayden had his hair trimmed for the first time. He's so adorable .

Mm! so yummy, yummy!!

Wishing for ?????????

22 Nov 08

What's this, ha???

Me look handsome with the cap, right?

Ee po Annie bought me this high chair as a birthday gift.
So thoughtful of her. Thanks a bunch Ee po, I luv it

See, tailend of my hair not trimmed, so nice right??

Mama brought me to trim my hair on 20 Nov.
Thank You, Mama!!!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Ayden's a bundle of joy

Darling Ayden's very active and he crawls around the house on his fours. He luvs to eat bananas and porridge. Is very attentive and alert. Laughs alot and also makes lots of noises.

Some more???

Yum, yum!!!!

What's round like this, ha???

Gong gong, made me laught. hahahahah!!!!

Quick, I'm hungry, leh!!!!


Mmm, lunch time!!!!

14 Nov 08

Mama, what's inside?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

2 upper teeth

Ayden has another 2 upper teeth. Luvs throwing objects under the bed or table. Crawls very steadily on his fours. Darling Ayden is also very expressive.

Quick Gong Gong, let's go for s stroll at the void deck

Aiyah, so hard to open!!!! Grouchy, ha??

Burlinton Kor Kor is 6 years old.

Happy Birthday Burlinton Kor Kor!!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Daddy to India

Daddy needs to be at airport for trip to India, so I have to leave home a bit earlier for Kg Java Mama's house.

Mama, slightly better lah!!!

Wah, so dark!!! What happened????

Bye, Mama!!!, C u on Tuesday, ya?
Luv u a bunch, darling!!!!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Bubbly Ayden

Darling Ayden's now able to point his hands at daddy, mummy, gong gong, mama, ee poh and chek chek when asked. He makes lots of sounds and always calling aloud 'Aye'. Luvs crawling around the bedroom. When asked to sit and wait for his food, cutie Ayden will obediently sit and wait.

Mummy went to office and Mama lovingly looked after me with the help of dear Ee Poh Annie. Mama cooked sweet potatoe porridge with fish. Mama fed me half an apple, also.

Zzzzz!!! So tall!!

Don't put ur hand in ur mouth!!!!

Halo, who's there??

I wanna get up, Mama!!

Porridge, sooooo good!!!


Hurray, lunchtime!!! Thank you, Mama!

Zip my mouth, ya????

mm, yum, yum!!!! New biscuits bought by Mama

30 Oct 2008

Mama, no toys, ah???