Tuesday, 27 January 2009

CNY Visit to John Gong Gong & Kor Poh's Home

As usual, visit to John Gong gong and Kor Poh's home for dinner n the 2nd day of CNY.

12 Jln Grisek (John Gong gong's home)

Kor Poh, me, Mama and Gong gong

My Gong gong's car SFM5392X

Monday, 26 January 2009

Reunion Dinner & CNY

At Mama's brother's home at Yishun

Thomson Plaza

25 Jan 09 (CNY's Eve Reunion Dinner)

Burlington Kor Kor and me, what's on my lips, ha?

John Gong gong, yummy right?

Gong gong, I can help myself, leh!!!

Alan Gong Teo, Mummy, Daddy, me and Mama

Mama. Ee Poh, me, Mummy, Uncle Alwyn and Daddy
Mummy, I'm waiting!!!

Chek chek Dale, eat lah!!!

Daddy Dean, Mama, Uncle Alwyn and his girlfriend Florence

Uncle Alwyn and his girlfriend Florence Wu

Steamboat, fried yutiao, prawn fritters, cheese cuttlefish balls, ngoh hiang and soft tauhu (for Ayden)

Fried spring rolls, chap chye (partially hidden)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Chek Chek Dale's 26th Birthday Dinner, Tambuah Mas and CNY Shopping at Turf City

Gong gong and Mama celebrated Chek Chek's 26th birthday at Tambuah Mas with a sumptuous spread of yummy Indonesian food comprising tauhu telor, sayur lodeh, goreng ayam etc. After the dinner, Gong gong, Mama and Chek chek brought me to Giant Supermarket at Turf City to do CNY shopping.

Happy Birthday Chek Chek!!

Giant Supermarket, Turf City

What's this? A small lime!

Wow, lots of CNY delicacies!!!

Infront of Tanglin Shopping Centre, Orchard Road

Dear Gong gong and me along Orchard Rd

Tanglin Shopping Centre

Chek chek luvs me dearly, see, he's carrying me!

Dale Chek chek, me, Mama and Gong gong

Chek chek, camera's infront, ma!

Handsome Daddy and me

Pretty Mummy and me

My loved Mama and me

Wait, Gong gong's not ready!!

Tambuah Mas Restaurant

Yes, Mama? Mummy's feeding me, lah!!!

Munch properly, ha?

See the photographer!!!

Tahu telor & Gadoh gadoh!!

Mmmm, yummy! yummy! Ayam Goreng!

Hahaha, cutie cutie, right?

Void Deck, Blk 125 Bt Batok Ctl

Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Chek Chek Dale

Chek chek & me!!